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acid and bases worksheet

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Acids and Bases – Fill in the Blanks
Instructions: Use the word bank to complete each statement about acids and
Word Bank: bases; sour; 0; acidic; litmus; pH; 7; bitter; strong; neutral; 14
1. Acidity can be analyzed using a scale called the __________ scale.
2. ________________paper is used to test acids and bases.
3. A substance that has a pH of 7.0 would be considered _____.
4. Soaps and cleaners are examples of ___ , which have pH greater than 7.
5. A substance that has a pH of 2.0 would be a _________ acid.
6. Milk has a pH of 6.8, which makes it slightly
7. Pure water has a pH of __________________.
8. The pH scale ranges from ____
to ________ .
9. Bases will often taste _____________.
10. Acids will often taste _______________________.
Q.3For the following descriptions, identify each as a property of an acid only(A),
base only (B), or either (C).
a. Bitter taste (we never taste chemicals in the lab)
b. Reacts with active metals to generate hydrogen gas.
c. Sour taste (we never taste chemicals in the lab)
d. Is slippery when placed on the skin
e. Undergoes neutralization.
f. Turns blue with litmus.