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Harry Potter Wizard Tongue Rolling Dihybrid Genetics 2018

Harry & Hermione Potter Genetics problem
(Relax, I know, they didn’t get married in the books. This is a “what if” question).
In humans there is a dominant gene for being a Wizard (W) which means you can do magic and
cast spells. There is also a gene for not being able to do magic or cast spells (w). People who
can’t do magic are called Muggles. Tongue rolling (T) is dominant over non-tongue rolling (t).
Harry is a Wizard who can roll his tongue. Hermione, his wife, is a non tongue-rolling Wizard.
Their first child is a poor, sad, non-rolling Muggle. Show the punnett square (or rectangle) for
Harry and Hermione that could give them this child, and give the expected phenotypic ratios
for all their possible children.
Mr. P. Loyd, Dowling Catholic High School, WDM, IA