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Sustainable Development Goal

Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) is a collective global call to eradicate poverty, planet
protection, and peaceful coexistence between people. The target is to make life in the
universe enjoyable to everyone, through collective action in different categories.
My most important SDGs include:
1. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institution.
Stability in human governance and peace is the foundation for human development.
Violence, corrupt institutions, and lack of justice have led the world to current
problems, and the reverse would give a favorable ground for the other 15 goals.
2. Clean Water and Sanitation.
Clean water makes every part of human activities, while sanitation dictates the
hygiene and disease management. Fresh water is facing depletion because of water
stress, hence a necessity for peaceful correlation between countries.
3. Quality Education.
Education reflects on the quality of the living standard. Technology is growing so
should the quality in education, which should be equal to all genders. Literacy
enhances understanding pertaining to peace, good government, and care of the natural
4. Gender Equality.
Discrimination on women has been a culture at families, work places and in social
responsibilities. Both the genders have equal mandate to contribute to the welfare of
the universe, hence equality should be practiced with an end to any boundaries.
5. Affordable and clean Energy.
Global population have increased and so is the demand for clean affordable energy.
The goal to invest on renewable energy like solar, wind, and thermal will not only
increase productivity, but also protect the natural environment.