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[topic2] building back toward the SGDs(Remote technology service)

Building back
Toward the SDGs
Topic :
Remote technology & service
Group 4
Seonghyeon Jang, Yechan Jang, Subin Jung, Seungheock Jung, Hyunwu
Heong, Yongsung Han, Jihwan Hwang
Why we chose ‘Remote’ as topic of group
- Area
medical service
training and health care
As a result of corona outbreak
Explain your group project ‘Remote Society’
- Lgo : no untact, no life
-It aims to provide services using remote technology for
people who are unable to engage in multiple activities due to
Corona and are unable to receive assistance.
- Expectancy effects
The economy, which has been dampened by the remote
industry, recovers, and people's quality of life improves. In
addition, remote infrastructure construction will enable higher
quality welfare and health care delivery than ever before.
Evaluate the project ‘no untact, no life’
- Technology coverage is too narrow now,
Post projects that aims to solve the problem of lack of
medical services in developing countries focused on sending
doctors and medical equipment. This only requires a large
amount of
- Description of what your project can best contribute
A country that lacks social infrastructure.
How SMART the objective is
Specific A programming team is publicly recruited to develop a network that can connect each other to
enable communication between hospitals, pharmacies, and patients.VR travel and healthcare services are
not public works, so they recruit companies to take on the job.
Measurable By using IT technology, we can easily make various remote service. Given existing remote
services like remote class and delivery service, it is possible to develop these ones.
Attainable Care for the elderly people can be attainable through Combination of IT technology and offline
RealisticFor practical utilization, the government's welfare system must be integrated and supported
by the government. Therefore, after the infrastructure is designed, the government is asked to make
policies using the infrastructure.VR travel or healthcare services can be unfamiliar, so it is necessary to
put advertisements.
Timely Since the current Covid 19 situation hasn’t been stopped, there are many peolpe avoiding going out for fear of infection. So,
now, it is an appropriate situation to aim the blue ocean of remote technology - a.k.a UNTACT technology in korea. To give more
support, according to Chinese reasearch company IRESEARCH, it is statistically proved that the market of delivery in 2020 will show
growth rate of 3~50% compared to 2019. I’m sure this could be a strong evidence for the timeliness of remote technology .
The list of steps to achieve group project plan
set up an infrastructure
medical service for the aged or people with disabilities
durg delivery service(AMAZON Pharmacy)
remort travel(AR, VR)
training system
How the proposed project will help your community
contribute to one (or more) of the UN SDGs
- Related SDGs and explanation
This project will help my community contribute to
Goal 3 ‘Good Health And Well-Being.’
Goal 4 ‘Quality Education.’
Goal 8 ‘Decent Work And Economic Growth.’
Goal 9 ‘Industry, Innovation, And Infrastructure.’
Goal 10 ‘Reduced Inequalities.’