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HOS 270 My discovered dream is to become immersed in Culinary World

My discovered dream is to become immersed in Culinary World. Specifically, my
dream job is to be a renowned consultant and auditor of services for internationally top
ranked hotels desiring to attain or improve their AAA Rating. In this capacity, my desire
and dream is to have my own consulting firm which provides a niche for optimization of
service, strategy, and execution; specifically directed to the food and beverage
operations of the hotel. My consulting service would be honed in on the hotel’s food
and beverage offerings and strategy so the hotel can deliver the highest quality
experience for the guest.
The goal would be to improve the hotel’s food and beverage
division’s contribution in the quest to attain a AAA Diamond Rating.
As one of the premier consultants in the hotel industry’s food and beverage (F&B), I
provide fast and focused expertise leading to immediate results. The first component of
my services is to develop or enhance the menu. To do this, I work directly with the F&B
Director and the Executive Chef to analyze and taste the existing cuisine. The goal is to
determine what existing culinary items should be kept, modified, replaced or
removed. The results attained from my consulting are leading edge cuisine and unique
dishes prepared from the best and freshest ingredients. I bring to bear my connections
and sources to help the hotel to take advantage of the best local ingredients, as well as
providing the expertise of world renowned chef’s from a variety of culinary expertise.
The second component of my consulting focusses on the service provided for a
superior and distinctive fine-dining experience for the guest. This includes ensuring the
hotels’ food and beverage division is top notch, equal to or surpassing other
international ranking hotels in their strategy of fine dining. The distinctive fine-dining
experience is focused on the guest’s desired and expected ambience and distinction of
the culinary facility. Evaluating the guest experience for myself is the fundamental
starting point in order to help direct and develop a system which delivers exquisite, both
an expected, and unexpected distinction. The results which my expertise and
experience bring would be the capability to have an unprecedented understanding of
the “front house” service ladder and the culinary experience. My team of diverse fine
dining experts must ensure the service given and maintained can offer a level of
smoothness and silent flow for the best dining experience for the guest. must be
evaluated and adjusted if the “distinct dining” experience does not resemble the guest’s
requirements or the goal for superior service.
The distinctive fine-dining desired and the culinary treat need to be a result of
having a distinctive fine-dining experience. My dream business is to ensure thorough
proper consultation and evaluation, the establishment wishing to obtain this level can be
afforded the opportunity through my consultation and their desire to obtain this goal.