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Science Worksheet No. 4

Class 6

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Q1. Water exists in all three states: solid, liquid and gas as shown in the diagram. Label the diagram using the word bank given below.

Evaporation Condensation Melting

Sublimation Deposition

Q2. Show how particles are arranged in the following states.


Solid Liquid Gas

Q3. By looking at the table below write “Yes” or “No” in front of each of these properties.

Property Solid Liquid Gas

Does it flow easily?

Can it change shape to fill in the container?

Does it stay put if left in one place?

Does it always take up the same volume of space?

Can it be compressed to fit into a smaller space?

Q4. Put a ‘ ✔ ’ in the correct column to indicate whether the experiment demonstrates a physical change or a chemical change.



Physical Change Experiment

Adding salt to warm water creates a saltwater solution.

Ripping up a piece of paper produces little pieces.

Adding oxygen to iron creates iron oxide (rust).

Boiling water produces water vapor.

Burning logs in a fireplace produces ashes.