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Thermite Demonstration Lab

Regents/Honors Chemistry
Dr. Kupferman
Thermite Demo Lab
1) For each of the following single replacement reaction sets of reactants, write the
formulas for the reactants, predict the products, and write the formulas and names of
the products in the appropriate spaces
a) iron (III) oxide + aluminum  ___________ + ____________
____________ + _________  ___________ + ____________
b) aluminum oxide + iron  ___________ + ___________
+ ___  ___________ + ___________
2) Using Table J, predict which of the above reactions can be expected to occur
spontaneously. Write that equation below, write the oxidation and reduction halfreactions, and balance it using the lowest whole number coefficients. Then write the net
ionic equation
Spontaneous reaction:
Oxidation half-reaction:
Reduction half-reaction:
Net ionic equation:
3) For the above reaction, calculate the gram formula mass for each reactant and product
a) ____________
c) ____________
b) ____________
d) ____________
4) Determine how many moles of iron (III) oxide would be needed to react with 0.80 moles
of aluminum: ____________
5) Using the answer from the previous question, how many grams each of iron (III) oxide
and aluminum would be needed? Iron (III) oxide:___________ Aluminum _____________
6) How many moles of iron would the above reaction produce? ______
How many grams of iron would that be? _____
7) What is the melting point of iron? _____
8) Define activation energy: _____________________________________________________________