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[Walmart.com Support Request]
Walmart Customer Care <help@walmart.com>
Vie 24/01/2020 16:14
Para: landonking_89@outlook.com <landonking_89@outlook.com>
Recently you requested personal assistance from Walmart.com Customer Care.
Below is our response and a summary of your request.
Reference#: 200124-048813
Response email (01/24/2020 03:14 PM)
Hi Cristian,
Thank you for contacting Walmart.com!
I understand your request for a receipt or an invoice for this order. Currently, we are not able to send you a
receipt. However, while we are not able to print and email duplicate receipts, you may print one out on your
You can follow these steps on how to print your invoice receipt:
1. Sign in to Your Account and go to your purchase history
2. Select order #2942058-902539 and then click on the See Details button next to the order. You can also
directly access this at https://www.walmart.com/account/order/2942058902539 once you are logged in to
your account.
3. Select the printer icon Image located in the top left corner under Order Details
4. This creates a printable PDF
If there are any other concerns aside from the issue mentioned, please don't hesitate to reply and i will happily
assist you.
Thank you for choosing Walmart.com. I'm looking forward for our next business.
Rodolf Jan V.
Walmart.com Customer Care