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art reflection questions

Art Reflection Questions
Ms. M. Kozyra 2011-2012
1. Describe the medium or materials used in this piece of artwork.
2. What steps did you take to create your art piece?
3. What part was the hardest/easiest?
4. What were your feelings like as you created the art piece?
5. How is color, line, shapes, textures, values and spaces used in your
6. Where have you seen similar work? Does your art piece represent an
7. What excited you about this project? Why?
8. What were you uneasy or unsure about? Why?
9. What part of the process did you not like? Why?
10. What part of the process did you enjoy the most? Why?
11. What was frustrating for you? Why?
12. What would you add? Why would you add this?
13. Did anything remind you about something in your own life?
14. What idea or message are you trying to get across?
15. How has this piece of work inspired you?
16. How would you summarize your art work?
17. What rating between 1 and 10 would you give your art work and why?
18. What have you learned from creating this art piece?
19. Were you happy with the final result? Why or why not?
20. Did you enjoy the project? Why or why not?
21. Have any of your art skills improved during this project? Did you learn new
skills? Which ones?
22. Is there anything you could have done to improve any of your work?
23. Tell me about the colours you used and why you used them? Why do they