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Guide to Empathetic Interview Questions
Good interview questions triggers emotions and encourages the
interviewee to share more and tell stories. They are the ones that
naturally open doors to personal revelation. Good questions are
open-ended questions, not Yes/No ones.
1. Can you please introduce yourself?
2. Tell me about your last time you have the problem?
3. What do you feel about it?
4. Why do you feel like that about the issue?
5. Tell me more about...?
6. “Why questions”: Why did you do/say/think that?
7. “Show me” questions: Show me how you try to cope with it?
8. If the interviewee is stuck, keep asking “why?” until you
probably find the roots of their problems.
9. Can you say more about that?
Focus on their feelings and motivation to identify
needs: “What were you feeling then?”, “Really? And why was
that?”, etc.