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Card group
An Inte
Residen rview with a
t of you
r Heart
Holding/Cherishing in your heart
& Receiving in your heart
This activity is for anyone primary
school aged or older.
Everyone’s heart has a room with a door to let parts
of the world in that comfort them. What if we could
open that door and meet up with the parts of the
people or animals or places or creations or objects
that we have taken into this room and cherish. These
have become parts of ourselves that help us feel safe
and comforted.
Activity Description
This activity encourages someone to conduct a mock
interview with a resident of their heart. The person
can play both roles of interviewer and interviewee
if required and can switch between roles as the
interview plays out.
An Inte
Residen rview with a
t of you
r Heart
1. Look through the following questions and choose one that stands out to you right now:
• When you think about someone you love, what is it about them that you hold in your heart?
• Who do you call into your heart when you want to feel safe, calm, and protected?
• Who or what will always remain in your heart?
• Who or what has always been in your heart?
• What warms your heart?
2. Who or what comes to mind for you? If there is more than one thing that comes to mind, choose
who or what feels the most comforting right now. We’ll call this response your ‘interviewee.’
3. Imagine sitting across from your interviewee. You might like to set up an extra chair in the space
you are in for your interviewee. You might like to put something on their chair that represents
them if they are not there right now.
4. Conduct your interview. You can switch between the roles of interviewer and interviewee.
You might like to swap chairs depending on which role you are playing at the time?
5. Here are some prompts you might like to consider when conducting your interview:
• Do you recall when you first met?
• What difference has the interviewee made in your life?
• Is there anything that you would like to know about your interviewee?
• Is there anything that you would like to tell your interviewee?