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DNP810 Module 7 Assignment

DNP810 Module 7 Assignment
Evidence-based Practice for Quality Improvement
Module 7 Assignment
a Practice Protocol
Take this
opportunity to examine clinical guidelines or practice
protocols from your
specialty area.
Do the
following assignments:
the protocol evaluation activity by following these
Select a
practice protocol related to your clinical setting. These
may be from your
agency’s policy and procedure manual used in your practice.
who wrote the protocol and request an interview with one or
more individuals
who were involved in developing the protocol. Interview
questions may include,
but are not limited to the following:
Can you
explain how protocols are developed in your agency?
specific information or data was used to develop this
Are there
any references you can identify that would give me a better
understanding of
the rationale for the practices used in the protocol?
What rating
system was used to critique the protocol guidelines?
After the
interview, categorize the sources of knowledge identified
by the interviewee
(e.g., authority, experience, research-based). Be specific.
After the
interview, you may not have enough information on which to
rate the protocol.
If, for example, the interviewee has not provided you with
sources from the literature,
you will have to do a search to determine whether research
exists to support
the protocol you are assessing. This does not have to be an
exhaustive review,
yet you should be able to determine whether there is valid
research there to
support your rating (see next step).
Then, using
the AGREE ll rating scale, assess the protocol for its
validity in application
to practice.
Complete a
Brief Evaluation of the Protocol Outline by following these
description of the protocol.
Title and
credentials of the individuals who developed the protocol.
of the literature search and a summary of how the protocol
was developed.
summary conclusion about the types and quality of knowledge
upon which the
protocol was based with supporting rationale.
A brief
description of the AGREE rating scale used to assess the
assessment of the validity of the selected protocol.
Upload the
following in the Assignment Dropbox:
the Brief
Evaluation (required elements listed below);
the completed
AGREE ll scale; and
a copy of
the clinical protocol in the designated Assignment Drop Box
for this Module
copy of the Brief Evaluation (see above) to the Discussion
2 Question Area in
this Save your work as ” Firstinitial.lastnamecoursenumber-modulenumber”
in the .doc or .docx file format, e.g. J.Smith-N000-1.docx.