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Brainstorming for Interview Assignment

Brainstorming for Interview Assignment:
What makes an interview interesting?
Comedy- sense of humour with emotive language
Interesting questions
Interesting answers
Questions that make the interviewee think deeply- critical thinking questions
Questions that unlock the personality of the interviewee such as emotions
Questions must be creative
Use body language
Adding stories that are not based on the questions but based on the topic.
The host and the questions must have personality/character
Good attitude/positive
Should be clear and straightforward- specific.
Organized- development of question
How to conduct my interview:
1. Plan your questions.
2. Avoid asking questions that will lead to the same answer.
3. Avoid repeating the same style of questions (for example vary the questions such what, why,
how, etc.)
4. Use language appropriate for your level and the level of your interviewee.
5. Make sure your questions do not confuse the interviewee.
6. Make it exciting and conduct it in a way that it would lead the interviewee to feeling engaged in
your questions.
7. For academic purposes: use correct language conventions.
8. Make sure your questions do not make the interviewee feel uncomfortable.
9. Your greetings are not part of your 12-14 questions.
Sample Format:
Interview about friendship with Ms Zeina
Abdulrahman: Hi Ms Zeina, today I want to find out your insight about friendship, looking
forward to hearing your feedback!
Ms Zeina: Hello Abdulrahman. I am excited to be sharing my insight with you.