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Alkali metals and Halogen Video questions 2015

SCH3U7 - Alkali Metals Video Questions
1) Why must alkali metals be stored under oil?
2) State two ways we can test the reactivity of alkali metals?
3) What are the products of reactions of alkali metals with water? Provide the balanced equation for
the reaction of Lithium metal with water.
4) How can we experimentally test the presence of the products in the reaction above?
5) What is the trend in reactivity down the group for alkali metals?
6) State three similarities and two differences between the reactions of Li, Na and K in water
Halogens Video Questions
1) Why are halogens not found as free elements in nature?
2) What are the states of F, Cl, Br, I?
3) What is the trend in the reactivity of halogens? Which of the halogens is the most reactive?
4) Provide a balanced equation for the reaction between Na metals and fluorine atom