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Spur Gear Design Question (Ref. 1S99 Te2 #3)

Spur Gear Design (Ref: 1S99, Test 02, #3)
Spur Gear Design Question
A pair of spur gears for a hoist has the following specifications:
= 20 full-depth involute teeth
o for pinion = 80MPa ……i.e. cast-steel
o for gear
= 55MPa ……i.e. cast-iron
= 20 teeth;
= 80 teeth
The pinion transmits 5kW @ N = 200 rpm.
the standard module and face width which will satisfy these conditions; and
whether the design is safe from the standpoint of strength, if the dynamic load
for the gears is 6.9kN.
Check the design for wear, using K = 1350kPa.
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Spur Gear Design (Ref: 1S99, Test 02, #3)