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Customer Success Story Template

Customer Success Story Template
(Problem Statement) The Loyalty Effectiveness Division of needed to automate the planning process for direct mail
campaigns. They also needed the ability to automate the compliance approval process of the material being sent for
each campaign. In general they needed to enable their marketers with the ability to effectively plan campaigns.
•Wanted to perform up-front analysis prior
to campaign execution
•A services implementation was done to
capture planning assumptions for each
campaign in order to understand the
cost and to optimize the campaign prior
to launch.
•Ensured accuracy of assumptions and
the accuracy of the post-execution
analysis of campaigns
•Needed to handle a turnover of marketing
managers without losing time on
developing the campaigns
•Unable to enforce best practices within the
marketing organization
•Needed to reduce time to market for
•With Workflow and Collaboration
Company ABC can deliver work tasks to
individuals for planning and approval of
campaigns based on the assumptions.
•With Offer Management, they can
perform post-analysis based on actual
results to determine success of
•Performed better analysis up front
allowing marketers to avoid running
poor performing campaigns