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Regina Angelorum School of Villanueva

Regina Angelorum School of Villanueva, Inc.
Poblacion 2, Villanueva Misamis Oriental
1st Teachers and Parents Conference Narrative Report
September 4, 2019
I conducted the 1st Teachers and Parents Conference in my classroom at exactly
3:00 o’clock in the afternoon last September 4, 2019. The parents came along one at a
time around 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon. The first parent I had entertained was the
mother of Gian Carl Paderanga, Mrs. Gwendolyn Paderanga. Before anything else I let
her signed the attendance sheet for that certain event. Then, we talked about his son’s
performance in class, where I told her that her son performed at his best. Though I
sometimes noticed him to be over confident which I think it somehow affects his
performance. I advised the parent to constantly monitor his son’s studies to maintain if
not surpass his previous achievements.
After that, I pursued the same procedure before I handed over the report cards.
There were eight guardians who personally retrieved their child’s report cards. I talked to
all of them about their respective child’s performance in class so that they will be aware
of the happenings inside the classroom. Fortunately, all the parents knew about their
child’s behaviour. I specifically told them about my method in teaching their children, how
I made things easier for their children to learn. I told them that I discussed, reviewed the
topics and make fact sheets for their children to study their lessons the easiest way
possible. Though, I figured that the root of the problem was the laziness and recklessness
of some of my pupils.
They obviously taken for granted the fact sheets I made for them to study their
lessons that is why some of them got lower scores in their pre and 1 st quarter
examinations. I asked their parents to help me monitor their children’s study habit. And
unexpectedly, they all agreed to watch over their children’s activities at home. The main
thing I asked to my pupils’ parents were to prohibit them to use the gadgets and the
access to the internet so that they may be able to focus more on their studies instead of
playing online games.
On the other hand, there were parents who never came to get their children’s report
cards. Some of them only called over the phone and others were completely unreachable.
So far, the event went smooth despite of my typographical errors I made to some of my
pupils report cards. The parents were considerable enough to understand my situation.