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Answers for the questions asked by the Reviewers

Answers for the questions asked by the Reviewers
1. What kind of response and how did you measure responses? In what basis?
We have distributed questionnaires at the end of each session to collect the response of
Five point Likert scale questions are included in the questionnaire. We obtained the mean value
for each criterion for the two sessions separately.
2. How did you select these students as a sample?
Here we have conducted an experiment. We cannot obtain a large number of students due to
lack of resources. We used random sampling technique.
3. Use of the same students for two methods (2) practising the second method just after a break.
These two problems make confusions of the findings of this study. A group what is the
purpose of grouping?
When we get the same set of student, we can keep all other variables constant.
Students can concentrate only for 20 minutes. We should give a break after that. Otherwise, we
cannot get the real feeling from them.
We are conducting these experiments to compare traditional learning and virtual learning. We
are using a group of students in conventional learning. To evaluate the learning method, all
other variables should keep as constant. Therefore we have conducted this experiment using a
group of students. In addition, we need set of resources to conduct virtual learning sessions for
large number of participants. That is why we form groups to conduct the experiment.