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Topo HW

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Topographic Map Practice - HW
Base your answers to the following questions on the topographic map belwo. Points A, B, C, D and X represent locations
on the map. Elevations are measured in feet.
Map #1
1. What is the elevation of each of the following points?
A. ________________
B. ________________
C. _______________
D. ________________
2. What is the contour interval of this map? _________________
3. What is the gradient between C and D? ___________________
Gradient = Change in field value/Distance
5. In what direction does Fish Creek Flow? ___________________
6. What is the elevation of Point X? ________________________
7. Which cross section best represents the profile along straight line AB? _______________
8. Which side of Rock Mountain is the steepest (compass direction)? _________________________
9. Which side of Rock Mountain has the gentlest slope (compass direction)? _____________________
Map #2
1. Using the topographic map above and the grid below, construct a topographic profile along line AB, by plotting a
point for the elevation of each contour line that crossed line AB and connecting points with a smooth, curved line.
Map #3
Using the following features below, label the map: