Learning Targets Topography

Learning Target 1: I can identify the main features of a
topographic map.
 Contour lines
 Index contour lines
 Elevation
 Slope
 Landforms
 Features
Learning Target 2: I can use a topographic map to calculate
the contour interval and relief of an area.
Learning Target 3: I can interpret a topographic map to
compare the various features in relation to elevation.
Learning Target 4: I can apply what I know about
topography to interpret various other topographic maps
including those with multiple landforms.
Learning Target 5: I can interpret a topographic map to
create a profile map (with the correct labels!)
Learning Target 6: I can interpret a topographic map to
describe in writing the elevation, contour interval, relief and
any features shown on the map by using the appropriate
science words.