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Political stance

until America does away with the antiquated and currently useless electoral college
system, sets limitations on the amount of power and wealth that can be used in lobbying , and
works on becoming less politically polarized between the two parties, I will not feel that it is
obligatory or even useful for me to vote. I may go to the polls if I happened to waltz by a booth,
but otherwise, I will probably not make any kind of effort to vote. The electoral college system
was useful back in the days when physical votes had to be hand counted and collected from all
over the country; however, with today's technological abilities, we are able to track each and
every vote the instant the button is pressed. All this system does is allow the current majority
party to decide how best to nullify opposing votes. Lobbyist can practically buy and sell even the
noblest politicians. And on top of it all, the electoral primaries lead candidates to adopt the most
extreme stances to appeal to their left or right leaning constituents, making promises and deals
that misrepresent their real beliefs, until they win their parties 'nod', in which case they
immediately waffle their stance to seem appealing to the opposite’s side, in order to gain more
votes. there was once a time when the most liberal republican was more liberal than the most
conservative democrat, and vice versa; however, because of the media's obsession with
sensationalism in both directions, which the America consumer public eats up by the way, parties
and politicians will be forced to misrepresent themselves in order to have a snowball's chance at
getting elected regardless of the nobility of their intensions. Voting is an exercise in futility
unless you are actively involved in a campaign.