Review Questions S #13 YLLABUS TOPIC

Review Questions
You should be able to answer the following questions after our in-class
discussion of SYLLABUS TOPIC #13:
1. Describe the election of the president, from the nomination process to the
general election.
2. What is a primary? What are the three types of primaries? What is a
caucus? What is (are) the purpose(s) of the national party conventions?
3. Why did the framers of the Constitution establish the Electoral College? What
two mistakes did the framers make? Explain. Discuss the constitutional
requirements to be elected president.
4. What is the significance of the 12th Amendment?
5. What is the ‘unit rule?’ Why is the ‘unit rule’ important?
6. How is the number of total electoral votes determined? How is the number of
electoral votes awarded to each state determined?
7. Identify two common criticisms of the Electoral College. Identify arguments in