Test - Executive Branch

Test: The Executive Branch
1. What is the essential purpose of the executive branch?
2. Give an example of the use of informal presidential power.
3. If no candidate for president gets a majority of the electoral votes, the election is decided by:
4. The impeachment of a president is an example of limitation of executive power by…
5. Name some departments/ part of the Executive Office of the President.
6. In the order of presidential succession, who would rise to the presidency in the event that the offices of president and
vice president were vacant at the same time?
7. What are the various roles of the President? (see #11)
8. According to Article II, what are the official duties of the president and vice president?
9. In the Electoral College system, how is the number of electoral votes determined?
10. Why is the federal bureaucracy sometimes called the “fourth branch” of government?
11. Roles of President: give a real life example of the following roles of President Obama:
a. Chief Diplomat
b. Chief Executive
c. Chief Legislator
d. Commander in Chief
e. Economic Planner
f. Head of State
g. Party Leader
Some people think that the president has too much power, while others think the powers he has are not enough.
Provide one argument that supports each side of this debate (two arguments total). Remember evidence… “according