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The metallic bonding is non-localized, metals tend to be malleable
(can be beaten into a sheet), and ductile (be drawn into a wire), and
(generally) electrically conductive. That is the metallic bond can be
maintained by the electron glue that binds the positively charged
metal atoms together, even though they, the positive ions, can
change their position with respect to each each other
In metals, valence electrons are free to move between
atoms, forming a ‘sea’ of delocalised electrons.
These electrons surround a lattice of positive metal ions.
These lattices are held together by metallic bonds, which
are strong forces of attraction between positively charged
metal ions and negatively charged valence electrons.
Since they have a similar arrangement of atoms all metals
properties include lustre, electrical conductivity, thermal
conductivity, malleability and ductility.