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Structural Organization Quiz

1.01 Structural Organization Quiz
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Fill in the blank with the correct directional term.
1. The brain is __________ to the skull.
5. The nose is __________ to the spine.
2. The ears are __________ to the eyes.
6. The skin is __________ to muscle.
3. The hand is __________ to the shoulder.
7. The abdomen is __________ to the chest.
4. The head is __________ to the heart.
Label each plane of the body on the image below.
Label each cavity of the body on the image below.
Circle the correct answer for each question.
1. Which abdominal region is located in the center of the abdomen?
a. Umbilical
b. Epigastric
c. Lumbar
d. Hypochondriac
2. Which abdominal region houses the appendix, frequently noted by pain on the lower
right side?
a. Right Hypochondriac
b. Right Lumbar
c. Right Iliac
3. Which abdominal region literally translates to “above the stomach”?
a. Hypogastric
b. Umbilical
c. Epigastric
d. Hypochondriac