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Khater Chapter 4 pp

Khater Chapter 4 pp. 88-141
Read the following texts from Khater Chp 4:
Text 1 - by Leo Pinsker (Jewish nationalism)
Text 7 - by Antun Sa'adeh (Syrian Nationalism)
Text 9 - by Hasan al-Banna (Egyptian Nationalism)
For each author (or text) there is a different definition of nationalism
although they talk about the same area of the world. These were and
still are competing visions of nationalism in the Middle East. If we
take a nation to be the group of people who share:
1) a land
2) a language
3) a culture and/or a religion,
4) a history,
6) a problem and/or a destiny,
…then, what national did each author (text) deal with or address
according to the previous definition (name the nation and determine
the 6 characteristics if they exits in the text)?
Authors will not always explicitly define the nation, they will instead
talk about the right of a certain people to be a nation and to have an
independent state. You will have to infer the answer to the question
from the text.
Write a two-page, double-spaced essay to answer the above question.
Give each text a paragraph where you name the nation in question and
you specify how it was defined according to the six characteristics
listed above.
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