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M4 Reflection

Standard: SS.W.21 - Explain the causes and effects of political, social, and economic transformation in
Europe in the nineteenth century, including the significance of nationalism, the impact of
industrialization on different countries and the effects of democratization.
Students will be able to:
1. Remembering- Students will be able to define the term nationalism.
2. Understanding- Students will be able to identify examples of nationalism when reading
specific passages pertaining to the nineteenth century.
3. Applying- Students will be able to explain and justify why they chose certain statements
from the reading passage as examples of nationalism.
4. Analyzing- Students will be able to restate and summarize, in their own words, the
passage they read on nationalism.
5. Evaluating- Students will be able to determine whether they think nationalism was/is a
good idea and defend their stance on nationalism.