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Paragraph on power query

Paragraph on power query
Power query is a data connection technology that enables you to discover, connect, combine, and
refine data sources to meet your analysis needs. Power query lets you to record each step you
take and lets you to modify those steps in any way you need. It also lets you undo, redo, change
the order, or modify any step so that you can view the connected data just the way you want. To
do so at first we need to import data to excel then click edit or transform instead of load to open
the power query. We can choose columns by our choice or we can remove the columns we want.
We can also split columns the way we want to also. It can also be rows if we want to split. In the
transform ribbon, we can replace values by clicking the replace values option and select the cell
we want to replace the value with and then give the number we want. In the combine ribbon, we
can also merge queries and that way we can combine files from external sources with the current
set of data for data analysis. We can also use pivot column from any column option also. You
can open the Advanced Editor from the Query Editor’s transform ribbon, where you can modify
the M Language steps associated with the existing query. You can also create queries from
scratch using the advanced editor option.