Eunice Hameyie AE 790 May 1, 2008

Eunice Hameyie
AE 790
May 1, 2008
A3- Database for sensors
Microsoft Access makes it a lot easier to create simple databases. However, the program
can generate silly errors such as the need to put a value in the primary key while you are
not done filling the table. In some instances, query cannot work when the tables are open.
While it is a good way to create your tables and run queries, generate forms and such, the
user does not really understand the principles in creating a database, which I feel is a loss
because you can enjoy the experience better when you understand the principles
underlying. The tutorials provided are OK but whoever prepared them definitely could
have done better. I could not figure out how to show the relationships defined between
two tables using a query, but I may find out soon.