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Windows 8 Notice

For Windows 8/Server 2012 Users
This printer supports Windows 8/Server 2012 operating system. For operation and description on Windows 8/Server 2012,
refer to Windows Vista/7 sections. This document describes notes on using this printer with Windows 8/Server 2012. Read
this document carefully before using the printer.
Use the desktop mode when performing the followings.
• Installing/Uninstalling the printer driver
• Displaying the Printer Status Window
• Setting the printer driver *
* Please note that the setting specified on the desktop may not be reflected to all Windows Store applications.
[If You Cannot Display the Online Help]
To display the Online Help, the Windows Help program is required.
For details on the Windows Help program, refer to the Microsoft Web site.
Alternatively, you can also open the Online Help by double-clicking "XXXXX.chm" file in the Manuals folder.
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