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Requirements modeling
It’s important to revisit the model concept before we proceed
What's modeling as applied to system?
It’s a graphical representation of a concept or process that systems
developers can analyze, test, and modify
Systems analysts usually describe an information system by using a set of
business data, object, network and process models.
A business model will describe information that a system must provide and
may consist of diagrams, charts, and documentation
Requirements modelling is a fact-finding process aimed at describing the
current system and identification of the requirements for the new system.
A system requirement is a characteristic or feature that must be included
in an information system to satisfy business needs and should be
acceptable to users.
System requirements serve as a benchmark to measure the overall
acceptability of the system. Hence the need to properly document the
system requirements
System requirements are classified into five categories namely:
• Outputs
• Inputs
• Processes
• Performance
• Security & control.
Hence a requirements model will include all the five elements
system inputs represent data that enter the system. It could be
manual or automatic
System outputs represent information produced by the system.
It may be electronic or printed
System processes are logical rules applied to transform data
into meaningful information.
Performance refers to the following system
Speed, volume, capacity, availability, and reliability
Security& control:Security and control requirements looks at hardware,
software, and controls that safeguard and protect the
system and its data from threats both external and
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