MISY 251 CH1 Quize A

King Abdulaziz University
College of Business - Rabigh
Introduction in Management Information Systems MISY 251 YB4 1435 / 1436
Monday 11/3/2014
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SERIAL NUMBER:____________
1- ________________ streams of raw facts that are processed into finished
information products.
A- Data
B- Information
C- Knowledge
D- Information Systems
2- Which of the following is not one of the six strategic business objectives?
A- Operational excellence
B- New products, services, and business models
C- Customer and supplier intimacy
D- Little Improved in decision making
3- Which of the following is the different between Data and Information?
A- Information become date
B- Data become information
C- Data and Information are the same
D- Non of above
4- In the picture above the three basic activities of information systems are:
A- (1) Inputs, (2) processing, (3) Outputs.
B- (1) Outputs, (2) processing, (3) Inputs.
C- (1) Processing, (2) outputs, (3) inputs.
D- (1) Processing, (2) inputs, (3) outputs.
5- Which of the following consider one of the business functions:
A- Data workers
B- Sales and marketing
C- Knowledge workers
D- Production or service workers
6- Investments in information technology will result in superior returns
which are:
A- Productivity decreases and Revenue increases
B- Productivity increases and Revenue decreases
C- Productivity decreases and Revenue decreases
D- Productivity increases and Revenue increases