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English vocabulary

Vocabulary -English
1)Methaphor- A comparison on two unrelated nouns not using like or as
Example:He drowned in a sea of grief.
2)Simile-a comparison between 2 unreleated nouns using llike or as
Example:She was cold as ice.
3)Oxymoron-When two words or phrases contradict each other
4)Alliteration-Repatition of the same begining constant sound
Example:Sally Sell Sea On The Sea
5)Hyperbole-Extreme Exageration
Example:I am so hungry I can eat a horse
6)Personification-Giving a thing human charcteristics
Example:Lightning danced across the sky
7)Allusion-A refrence to a mythical,biblical,historical character or events
Example:I thought the software would be useful but it was a trojan horse
8)Idiom-Figuretive language
Example:A blessing in disguise
9)Onomatopoiea-Words that sound like the action
10)Coincidence-to incidences or eventsthat seem planed but are not
Example:Ab. Lincon and J.F Kenedy where elected as president in 1860 and 1960 were both shot in the head
Pun-A play on words
Example:Every calendars day are numbered
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