Benchmark Test 1 Study Guide Context Clues Understanding an

Benchmark Test 1 Study Guide
 Context Clues
 Understanding an Informational Text
 Sequencing Events in a Narrative
 Points of View:1st, 3rd Limited, 3rd Omniscient
 Elements of Fiction and Nonfiction
 Prefixes: RE-, IN- , TRANS-, AD Grammar: common and proper nouns, possessive nouns, irregular plural nouns
 Character: protagonist, antagonist, round, flat, dynamic, static
 Characterization: direct, indirect
 Setting
 Conflict:
Internal – character v. self
External – character v. character, character v. society, character v.
The short stories and nonfiction pieces covered on the test will be
“Papa’s Parrot,” excerpt from American Childhood, “A Day’s Wait,” and
“All Summer in a Day.” All the stories can either be found in the Reader’s
Notebook or on my website under Important Documents. Be able to identify
the setting, the sequence of events, major characters, point of view, conflict,
and important quotations.
The test is worth 30 points.
30 multiple choice questions for ½ point each.
15 fill in the black / short answer questions for 1 point each.
Test Date:
Tuesday, September, 20, 2011