Thinking In Objects - Brookwood High School

Thinking In Objects
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AP Computer Science A
Mrs. C. Furman
Each group has been given a board game to play and study. Please take about 15 20 min. to play the game you will be studying. Be thinking about what “nouns” you
are using and the “verbs” you are doing to play the game. Fill in the planning steps
below and draw your class diagram. This information will need to be presented to
your classmates on Friday.
Step 1: Identify all the (relevant) nouns.
Step 2: Identify the class(es).
Step 3: Identify the data members for
each of the classes.
Step 4: Identify the operations for each
of the classes. (your verbs)
Draw class diagrams for each of your classes.
Presentation: You will be asked to present your game to the class. Your
presentation should be short, no longer than 10 minutes and should describe for
you class the following:
o The name of your game is and briefly the rules of how you play the game.
o For each identified class, please describe why you have identified this class in
your game.
o For each identified class, describe the class, listing its data members
(variables) and operations (methods).