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5 Themes of Geography

5 Themes of Geography
Choose 3 countries. You may not choose the United States and your 3 countries should be from 3
different continents. For each country you need to answer the questions posed by the 5 Themes of
Geography. If you do not understand terms or the questions, look them up online or ask a classmate
who has been in class.
1 – Location – Where is it?
a) Absolute Location – give the exact coordinates of that country
b) Relative Location – describe where that country is.
2 – Place – What is it like there?
a) Physical Characteristics
b) Human Characteristics
3 – Human Environment Interaction – How do humans and the environment affect one another?
a) How do humans adapt to environment there?
b) How do humans change the environment there?
c) How do humans depend on the environment there?
4 – Region – How is this categorized?
a) Give 3 different Regions that your country falls into
5 – Movement – What and who are moving in and out of your country and why?
a) Describe the major imports and exports of your country.
b) Are people moving in our moving out? Why?
c) Have any ideas, inventions, disease, etc. came to or from your country?
You may type this document however you would like. You can create a list of answers for each Theme
or you can type in essay form with a paragraph or 2 for each country.
When you are finished, check your document and email it to mrlaplantemerc@gmail.com
Good Luck.
***If you complete all 3 countries, browse world news websites to get an idea of what countries are
trending in the news cycle. Next week will be drafting countries for a game we will play that points will
be awarded for every time a specific country is in the news.