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5 themes of geography poster assignment




5 Themes of Geography Assignment

Now you will use what you know about the 5 themes of geography to show that you understand each theme. Complete the 5 Themes of Geography poster to represent our area. Make sure you meet all the requirements below.

Each section has to have:

A graphic image representing the theme You can draw, color and hand write


cut from a magazine

A short caption (less than 30 words) explaining

how the image

represents the theme.

You may type your captions and paste onto your poster if you choose.


– your city’s absolute and relative location on earth

Show a map of your city: Include major streets, freeways,

Indicate North with an arrow or compass rose; Include latitude and longitude

(search maps online or visit earth.google.com for help)

 Give a description of it’s relative location.


– What makes your city different from anywhere else in the world?

Show a physical landmark in your city (ex: rivers, mountains, forests)

Show a cultural/human landmark in your city

– something unique, lets you know

“you’re not in Kansas”. For example, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Hollywood has the Hollywood sign, and New York has the Statue of Liberty.

Human Environmental Interaction (HEI)

– What have humans done in your city to, preserve, &/or adapt to the environment and its climate and topography.

Include one way humans have changed our environment

Include one way we depend on our environment.

Include one way we’ve adapted to our environment

(ex: game preserves, farms, buildings, roads, outdoor recreation)


– common features your city shares with nearby areas

Include the formal region (ex: counties, cities, states, country)

Include the functional region (ex: cell phone coverage area, newspaper service area)

Include the vernacular region (ex: State of Jefferson, Southern Oregon, Pacific



– Do not show modes of transportation such as cars, ships or planes.

Include 2 pictures of


things like people, ideas, goods move to and from this place (historically and currently) (ex: Oregon trail, Interstate 5, Rogue Valley

International Airport)

This assignment is due:______________________________________