5-themes of geography fill-in-the

 The five themes of geography include:
o Location
o _________________
o Human-_________________ Interaction
o Movement
o _________________
 There are two types of location.
 _________________ location describes an exact position.
o An example of this would be your street address or the latitude and longitudinal coordinates of Paris,
 Relative location is a roundabout position. You could describe your relative location by describing
landmarks, _________________, direction, or _________________ from one place to another.
o Example: If you were to provide someone with the relative location of Monteleone Jr. High, you
might say ________________________________________________________________________.
 There are 2 ways to describe place—human characteristics and _________________ characteristics.
 Human characteristics explain the main _________________, customs, and _________________.
o Give a human characteristic of New Orleans--____________________________________________
 Physical characteristics give details about the _________________, climate, vegetation, and ____________.
o What would be a physical characteristic of Antarctica? ____________________________________
Human Environment Interaction-__________________________________________________________
 We _________________ on it.
o Example: People depend on the Mississippi River for _________________.
 We _________________ it.
o Example: How do you modify the temperature in your house during the summer?
 We _________________ to it.
o Example: On rainy days, we adapt to the environment by wearing _________________.
 There are ______ types of movement described in geography.
 _________________ Movement explains the way we get from place to place.
o Example: You get to school by way of _________________.
 _________________ Movement describes the way information is passed from one place to another.
o Example: If you wanted to inform someone that you were having a party, you could provide that
information by way of _________________.
 _________________ Movement describes how ideas or thoughts move from place to place.
o Example: To keep up with the latest fashion trends, you could _________________.
 There are _________________ types of geographical regions.
 Formal regions are defined by governmental or administrative _________________ like states,
_________________, and cities.
o An example of a formal region would be _________________.
 _________________ regions are defined by a function.
o An example of this would be your cell phone service region or the local newscast we see on
 _________________ regions are regions defined by a person’s _________________.
o For example, some people may describe the West Coast as the states in the U.S. which border the
Pacific Ocean.
o Provide another example of a vernacular region.
An easy way to remember the 5 themes of geography is to ask MR. HELP!
 M--_________________________
 R--__________________________
 H/E--________________________
 L--__________________________
 P--__________________________