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ECGs and the Cardiac Cycle Poster Project

ECGs and the Cardiac Cycle Poster Project (20 Points)
You and your group members will be constructing a two sided poster that will break
down the parts of an ECG read out and diagnose what kind of rhythm a patient has, as well as
detail and illustrate the parts of the Cardiac Cycle. By the end of the project, you should be able
to match up the points on an ECG with the events of the Cardiac Cycle
ECG Side
1. Define the following terms on your poster and label where they appear on a sketched
normal ECG readout. P Wave, QRS Complex, T Wave, P-Q Interval, P-R Interval, ST Segment, Q-T Segment. (5 Points)
2. Given an unknown ECG readout, diagnose what kind of condition is affecting your
patient’s heart. Provide evidence through explanations as well as by marking
problematic areas on your readout. (5 Points)
Cardiac Cycle Side
1. Define the three steps of the Cardiac cycle and sketch images of the chambers of the
heart to show how blood is flowing in each step. (5 Points)
2. Using the unknown ECG provided, diagnose which parts of the Cardiac Cycle are
malfunctioning and explain why. (5 Points)