Gas Laws
1. A cylinder of argon gas contains 50.0 L of Ar at 18.4 atm and 127 °C. How many
moles of argon are in the cylinder?
2. A 283.3-g sample of X2(g) has a volume of 30 L at 3.2 atm and 27 °C. What is
element X?
3. An ideal gas sample is confined to 3.0 L and kept at 27 °C. If the temperature is
raised to 77 °C and the initial pressure was 1500 mmHg, what is the final pressure?
4. A sample of helium was compressed at 35 °C from a volume of 0.5 L to 0.25 L
where the pressure is 500 mmHg. What was the original pressure?
5. A hot air balloonist puts 125,000 Liters of air into their balloon at 27 °C and
atmospheric pressure. When they heat the air to 200 °C at constant pressure, what
is the final volume of the air in the balloon?
6. Air is basically a 80-20 mix of nitrogen and oxygen. A 2 mol sample of air is found to
occupy 6.0 L at 27 °C. What is the partial pressure of oxygen in the sample?
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