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PS 7.2 Which gas law do i use WS

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PS 7.2 - Which Gas Law do I use?
Boyle’s law
Charles’ Law
Gay-Lussac’s Law
P1V1 = P2V2
V1 V2
T1 T2
P1 P2
T1 T2
Use one of the above equations to complete the following problems.
1. If 9.0 liters of air are heated from 20.0°C to 120.0°C, what will the new volume be?
2. 400.0mL of helium are under a pressure of 1.0 atm. What pressure, in atmospheres, is necessary to
compress the gas to 50.0mL, at constant temperature?
3. A cylinder contains a gas which has a pressure of 125kPa at a temperature of 200 K. Find the
temperature of the gas which has a pressure of 100kPa.
4. A gas has a volume of 100.0mL at 36.0°C. What volume will it occupy at standard temperature,
0.0°C, assuming pressure is constant?
5. A weather balloon contains 12.0 liters of hydrogen at 750 mmHg. Assuming constant temperature, at
what pressure will the gas occupy a volume of 20.0 liters?
6. A bubble of carbon dioxide gas in some unbaked bread dough has a volume of 1.15mL at a
temperature of 22.0°C. What volume will the bubble have when the bread is baked and the bubble
reaches a temperature of 99.0°C?
7. A gas cylinder contains 0.722L of hydrogen gas at a pressure of 10.6 atm. If the gas is used to fill up a
balloon at a pressure of 0.96atm, what is the volume, in L, of the filled balloon?