As we all know, universities are the place for students to receive advanced education. Therefore,
it's a common idea that the main purpose of the college students is getting more useful
knowledge. Owing to this, the bulk of the people will make the same decision that classes and
libraries are supposed to receive more financial support. Nevertheless, I still cling to the thought
that sports and other meaningful activities should share the equal financial support.
To begin with, only by taking part in different activities can college students find their way to
adapt to the society. Receiving more financial support on activities, the school will have the
ability to organize more activities, which offer every student an opportunity to join. In that case,
students will find themselves have become a member of the society after graduation. For
instance, my brother, Tomas, can't be described as an outgoing boy before he became a
university student. Many times he met difficulties communicating with unfamiliar person. But
things changed. After finding his talent in the film festival organized by his college, he gained
confidence and obtained a good command of making friends.
What's more, it's sports meetings and social activities that makes students enjoy the college lives
and become more passionate when they study. If a school only has a lot of classes and books,
there is no doubt that the students in this school will find learning is a tough task. For example,
my friends, Jack, always complain that his college life is colorless. After I visited his school, I found
the answer. In their school, there are few chances for students to take part in vivid activities
because of too much compulsory classes and homework. And it makes their students always
can't study efficiently.
To conclusion, more financial support on sports will benefit a lot on not only students but also