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Safe vegetables and fruits are vegetables that ensure the following requirements:
1. Residues of plant protection chemicals and decomposition products include:
pesticides, fungicides, heavy metal content (Cu, Pb, Hg, As,..) must be
below the permittion level for each specific type of vegetables.
Safe vegetables need to ensure many elements according to standards
2. Fruit and vegetable products must be harvested at the right time, in
accordance with the requirements of each specific type of fruits and
vegetables, such as the right age of the technique or trade, do not stamp out
the spoiled, non-impurities, pests ... .
3. For fruits and vegetables for export purposes, it is required to comply with
specific regulations on quality, design, requirements of plant quarantine and
other requirements of each importing country.
The use of stimulants and plant growth regulators should be minimized for
safe vegetables and fruits
Organic foods along with the hype of brands have become "lifesaving" for
housewives. However, the price paid for this "rescue" is not cheap.
Consumers are being pushed into the story of exaggerating the cost of organic
products .
Prices of all kinds of clean vegetables, depending on the type of certificate they are
attached from VietGap, Global Gap, PGS, USDA cost 70,000 - 80,000 VND / kg,
compared to 20,000-40,000 VND / kg of clean vegetables sold at supermarket
Forest vegetables, vegetables that are considered good for health or low-supply
vegetables have many times higher prices.
The price of clean food, organic food comes with countless intermediary costs and
this burden pushes on the shoulders of consumers