H.S. BIOLOGY Cell Organelle Travel Brochure project w/rubric

Lab Project: Cell Parts Travel Brochure
Project Description: With your lab group, your job is to produce a travel brochure to attract visitors
to spend money to visit an animal or plant cell. You want to entice visitors to visit your destination.
You can think about your cell as a huge amusement park, an interesting travel destination (island), or
even a small roadside attraction. In your brochure, you must describe/explain and draw at least 8
“attractions” (organelles) that will amaze your potential customers. You may define the organelles as
they are in a cell, or you may come up with analogous descriptions/similes. For example: “Be sure to
visit the Golgi Body Center inside the gift shop, and have purchases gift wrapped for you before you
leave.” This example compares the golgi apparatus (packing and shipping center) with the gift wrap
station at a gift shop--an analogy/simile. Your similes MUST be an accurate representation of the task
the organelle performs in a cell.
Humor and creativity are encouraged. Brochures will be evaluated by accuracy of organelle
descriptions, design and creativity. Time permitting each group will present their brochure to the class.
Important Components:
A creative title for your brochure and travel agency
Labeled pictures illustrating your attraction (must have a picture for every organelle)
Thorough, accurate descriptions of at least eight organelles
Headings for each section
Cell Project Grade Breakdown:
Point Value:
5= Excellent 4= Good
3= Fair/Average
2= Basic
1= Poor
0= Not included
Includes at least 8 well described organelles
Labeled pictures illustrating your attraction (must have a picture for every organelle)
Headings and a creative title for travel brochure and agency
Project is neat, well organized, and easy to comprehend
Contains creative component (nice use of color, drawings, title etc)
Accurately illustrates understanding of organelle functions
Time management and group work (how well did you work with your partners)
Grammar and spelling; written work is without errors in language mechanics
Total Points Earned:
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