Case2 Walmart

Walmart in few words- professional system, excellent product orientation, low costs and years
of experience in the industry
1. Where does Walmart’s supply chain start? What triggers Walmart’s Retail Link system
to ship goods to local Walmart Stores?
Walmart's have an excellent strategy, an efficient system so I can lower prices. Thanks
to the implemented system, they can employ fewer people, which additionally allows to
reduce costs and remove surplus inventory. Thanks to the low price they are the market
2. Why is a detailed knowledge of consumer purchases at each store important to
Walmart’s success?
When client buy product, Walmart know what they need to order to next day and how
popular is currently product. It also support them with inventory management because
they have live information about stock which can reduce overstocking on products that
are not selling.
3. Why can’t other large retailers easily duplicate Walmart’s Retail Link?
If you want create similar system you need time- experience, money and skill to introduce
system to business .
4. Why does Walmart encourage its vendors to learn how to use Retail Link?
Walmart encourages its operators to learn how to use Retail Link so that they have the
most up-to-date and up-to-date information about their products and inventory. This
helps sellers produce enough products that are available when needed. Retail Link is very
effective in forecasting, planning and replenishment, which is very useful for suppliers.
Suppliers can also know the demand for their system products and make possible
adjustments or improvements to their offer.
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