Dettole Perposal

(Personal care brand)
History/Detail of Brand:-
Dettol Antiseptic Liquid Disinfectant is the name of commercial
liquid and solid antiseptic products belonging to a household product line manufactured by
Reckitt Benckiser. Reckitt Benckiser was introduced in India in 1933 with the brand Dettol.
Dettol was introduced only as theantiseptic liquid. Around the end
of 1940s, Dettol became a legacy brand with 85% of market share
in the antiseptic liquid market. The brand today is present invarious
segments such as soaps, hand wash, shaving creams and
plasters. the company launched an aggressive advertising
campaign in 1960.“By 1970, 4.7 million Dettol bottles were sold
and, over the next one decade, the brand had penetrated into 40%
of urban households in India the company’s long-standing slogan,
Strong enough to protect the ones we love, changed to Dettol, be
100% sure. “As a brand, Dettol has always retained its standing on the anti-germ platform,
although its portfolio has expanded to suit the lifestyle demands of consumers,” says Suman
Srivastava. It was voted as the third most-trusted brand in an AC Nielsen ORG Marg survey
last year. The various Dettol soaps account for 18 per cent of the health soap division. The
legacy that the company looks to carry forward is, “Dettol is believed in by everybody, even
IDEA:- The story is starts from the university. our one of the friend try to find out. and finally
we met the friend. our see that he was in critical condition. we get it and leaves it home safely.
his father get it into hospital. the doctor analysis the patient disease and give the advice. how
to protect themselves to the similar disease or any related disease. and spread the
information in our society that due to create the healthy society.
Member:- We have five member in our group. Two member are Mian Hamza Amin, Hamza
Tanver And three are other class followers. To complete our project/ad we get some favour
of our friend Teachers and other to complete the characters of our project.
Tag Line:- Sehatmand Pakistan Roshan Mustakbil ki Zamanat.
Dettol SWOT Analysis
Strengths :- Strong customer brand loyalty of all those using their products. Increasing
popularity of Dettol soap as a germ killer and hygienic soap. Dettol has products like antiseptic
liquid, soaps, sanitizers, bodywash etc.
Weaknesses:- Competition from other similar products means stagnant market share
for Dettol
Opportunities:- Better penetration in rural markets and emerging economies. Leverage the
powerful brand equity associated with the Dettol Brand to make it an everyday use
Threats:- Other main players in the antibacterial category can affect market share of Dettol
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