2010 electric force

Physics 12
Electric Force/Field Quiz
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Answer the following questions in the space provided. The point value for each question
is 5 points.
k = 8.99 x 109 Nm2/C2
F = kQ1Q2
(1) Three 1.00 C charges are located along a meter stick on the 0 cm, 50.0 cm, and
100.0 cm marks. Find the net force on the 1.00 C charge located at 0 cm.
(2) A 1.00 μC charge and a 4.00 μC charge are located 2.00 m apart as shown below.
How far to the right of the 1.00 μC charge is the electric force on a third charge
equal to zero?
1.00 μC
4.00 μC
2.00 m