QUIZ 1·6 for SECTION 001

QUIZ 1·6 for SECTION 001
Print your name and student number on the top right-hand corner of this page. You will have 10 minutes
to complete this quiz. When you finish the quiz, turn your paper over and remain seated.
1. Write down the full statement of the Intermediate Value Theorem.
2. Imagine a function f (x) such that f (−1) = −1, f (1) = 1, but there is no x in the interval (−1, 1) such
that f (x) = 0. Do one of the following two things:
(a) Sketch an example of such a function.
(b) Write down an algebraic expression for such a function.
You only have to do one of these to get full marks. If you do both, you will receive two bonus marks.