Cell Theory puzzles

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2. Cells carry out all of life's functions so they are the ____ units of life.
7. the gel-like fluid in the cell in which the other structures float
8. This scientist concluded that all plants are made of cells
10. proposed the theory that chloroplasts and mitochondria were once free-living organisms
11. He concluded that all organisms are made of cells
12. This scientist was the first to call cells "cells".
13. hereditary material found in all organisms
14. He first stated that all animals are made of cells
15. cells with membrane-bound organelles, including nuclei
1. living things are made of cells so cells are the ____ units of life.
3. electron microscope that produces 2-dimensional images magnified up to 2 million X
4. cells without a nucleus or other membrane-bound organelles
5. He was the first to describe living cells
6. Electron microscope that produces 3-dimensional images
9. all cells have this thin, flexible membrane surrounding the cytoplasm.
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Unscramble the words on the left side of the page. Arrange the encircled letters to reveal the term on
the bottom. (24 points)
Write a paragraph explaining how improvements in technology have improved our understanding of cell
structure and function. (12 points)
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