fire alarm shop drawing requirements sioux

Fire alarm shop drawings that are submitted for review shall include the following.
Current Iowa Fire Alarm Contractor license number. The system designer shall be identified.
Electronic copies (in PDF format) of plans shall be submitted on CD in addition to paper format.
Building occupancy type(s) (according to currently adopted IFC).
Drawings shall be on uniform size sheets.
Drawing shall be drawn to an indicated scale.
All spaces shall be labeled as to use, room numbers only will not be acceptable.
A symbols key shall be provided (Use of NFPA 170 symbols is recommended).
The title block shall include the name of the owner and occupant, and a street address of the
installation location.
Make, type and model of all equipment.
Location of fire alarm control panel.
Location of other fire alarm control equipment such as additional power supplies, etc.
Number of circuits.
Type of circuits.
Number of zones.
Equipment controlled or monitored by the fire alarm system.
Candela rating of each strobe shall be indicated by symbol or rating listed by each strobe.
Battery calculations showing what wire size is needed.
Wire types and sizes for each circuit shall be indicated.
Those wishing to have stamped set(s) of plans and specifications returned must provide
sufficient return postage affixed to self-addressed return packaging.
Nonrequired (voluntary) systems shall comply with NFPA 72. Partial systems shall include a
letter detailing the intent and area of coverage/notification/monitoring.
The proper submittal fee must accompany the plans based on the following fee schedule.
Building size 0-4,999 square feet……………………………..$100.00
Building size 5,000-19,999 square feet…………………….$200.00
Building size 20,000 square feet and above……………..$300.00
Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office.